Hemorrhoid Diagnosis and Treatment

Hemorrhoids are extremely painful swellings in the nerves around the lower rectal region. They are uncomfortable and can cause other physical issues as well. If you think you have hemorrhoids, contact mt pleasant hemorrhoid removal now for a diagnosis. You can get a medical hemorrhoid removal treatment or can conduct some at-home treatments to ease the pain.

How do medical professionals diagnose hemorrhoids

While external hemorrhoids are visible to the naked eye, a doctor will have to resort to other methods to diagnose internal hemorrhoids. An examination of your rectum and anal canal is necessary for diagnosing internal hemorrhoids.

●    Digital examination – For a digital diagnosis, your doctor will wear lubricated gloves and insert a finger into your rectum. The doctor will then feel for growths or any other unusual developments inside.

●    Visual inspection – Some internal hemorrhoids are too soft t be noticed by a digital examination. Therefore, the doctor will examine your rectum and the lower portion of your colon with the help of a proctoscope, sigmoidoscope, or an anoscope.

The doctor might want to conduct a colonoscopy if you have the following symptoms.

●    The growth that is not hemorrhoids caused due to digestive system diseases

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●    Risk of colorectal cancer

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

If you do not have severe pain or swelling, you can conduct the following at-home treatments and remedies. If none of the following work, you should surely seek medical treatments.

●    Using topical treatments such as applying over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams containing hydrocortisone. Numbing agents will help relieve the pain.

●    Sitz bath or soaking in a warm water bath for 10-15 minutes twice a day.

●    Consuming oral pain relievers such as Tylenol, aspirin, or ibuprofen, will temporarily ease the pain.


Hemorrhoids are painful and require immediate medical attention. Getting a diagnosis for this medical issue is the first thing you should do to avoid further medical complications.