How To Talk To Your Doctor About Surgery

Surgery and other medical procedures can be a scary prospect for most people.  When we hear that we need to get surgery, the first thing that pops into our minds is, “What is going to happen to me?”  As a result, we start to flood our minds with stories, movies and other content that we believe to be true about surgery.  However, when looking at mt pleasant cancer surgery, taking a step back and talking to your doctor will be your best bet.


The first step is to relax.  If we go in stressed or with preconceived ideas and intentions, then we will get all worked up and nothing that they tell you will make sense or be actionable.  If you relax and go into the situation with a mindset that you are just going to listen, then you will get more out of it than you would have otherwise.

Take notes

When you go into talk to your doctor take notes.  You want to have handouts and other documentation to websites that you can get reliable and accurate information.  When taking notes, make sure to get links to other resources that you can learn from.  Doctors are smart, but they don’t all have the same information or can apply it in the same way.

Ask about alternatives

Surgery may not be your only option.  However, don’t seek out solutions that might not work without working with your doctor on a plan of attack.  If you don’t want to get surgery, that is okay, but, you do want to stay under a doctor’s care so they can monitor your progress as well as take any action that they see fit if your other options and solutions are not working.

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When it comes to surgery and other procedures it is all about education.  Learn all you can before making a decision.