Importance Of Data Integrity In The Healthcare Field

Medicine and our personal rights when it comes to our overall health have been challenged over the past year.  With the pandemic and other issues regarding public health and safety, more and more people are starting to look at the integrity of their data and their health choices.  At the forefront of this discussion is how secure our data and information is at doctors’ offices and pharmacies.  To help better understand that question, independent pharmacy software has really become a top priority in our fight for better healthcare security.

independent pharmacy software

Who has access to this data?

The first question that we need to ask is who has access to this data and what will they do with it?  In regard to healthcare in general, if our personal data is compromised, how could it be used against us?  If we don’t regulate who has access to this data, it could fall into the wrong hands.  So, the only ones who should have access to this data are your doctors and trained personal assigned to your specific health case.

How can a breach affect you?

The question of a worst case scenario comes into play when our data is compromised.  If our data shows that we are sick could this affect us getting medical treatment, insurance, the ability to get a loan?  The biggest unknown is what are the intents of those who have the data.  We all hope and pray that they will use our data for good, however, time and time again, it has been shown to be the opposite.

How can we protect ourselves?

The first thing is to really vet who we talk to.  Just don’t give out your information to anyone because they ask for it.  This is true even at your doctor’s office.  There are times a doctor’s office will hire a temp worker who may not have the best interests of people in mind.  So, just know who you are dealing with and try to deal with the same person if you can.