Natural Ways to Eliminate Mosquitoes

Warmer weather feels nice, but you may find that spending too much time outdoors can bring on itching – the tell-tale sign of mosquito bites. There are some days when standing outside for just a few minutes can leave you with painful bites, but you can use some natural remedies to keep mosquitoes away and make the yard more enjoyable.

While none of these treatments may work as well as professional mosquito control in South Kingstown, you can lessen the impact mosquitoes have on your home and its inhabitants by using some of the natural methods outlined below.


Camphor is a common remedy that individuals use to help get rid of mosquitoes when they become a nuisance. The smell is strong, driving the insects away so that you don’t have to deal with them. However, you may not like the smell yourself, so be advised before lighting camphor in the home.


Garlic is another natural way to get rid of mosquitoes. You will need to boil garlic in water and spray the solution around areas of the home that mosquitoes tend to invade. You can also spray mosquitoes to instantly kill them and the smell doesn’t stick around the home.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be found just about anywhere and can be used to eliminate mosquitoes around the home. You can pour the grounds into standing water around the home, killing mosquito eggs and keeping adults from laying any more around the area.

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These natural remedies may work, but the most tried and true way is to seek help from professionals. These experts also use natural products, to ask them about your options when you want to make your home a more pleasant place by eliminating insects and other pests like small, buzzing mosquitoes.