Top Tips to Care for Your Dentures

Dentures average about 8 years’ life expectancy when they are properly cared for. While it might seem that denture care is simple, people often break them, which causes the need for expensive repairs. Avoid that mishap with help from the following denture care tips.

Tip One: Handle With Care

Handle Dentures with care at all times. They are built well but can easily break if dropped on bathroom tile or other hard objects.  Make sure to remove them in the bathroom and immediately place them in water with a denture cleaning solution. This reduces the risk you will drop the dentures. Always handle dentures with care and keep them in good condition for much longer.

Tip Two: Clean Dentures

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Never use toothpaste on dentures because it is abrasive and can damage the dentures. This is a mistake that you will later regret! However, make sure to clean the dentures every day using a denture cleanser. This keeps food particles and dirt off the denture so they’re healthier and look better.

Tip  Three: Do Not DIY Repair

DIY repairs and adjustments using tools around the house will not save you money versus the cost of dental care. In fact, it may cost more money if you attempt DIY repairs. Without experience and expertise, you cannot handle denture repairs and should never attempt to make them.

Keep in mind that dentists can make repairs to dentures if they are broken or damaged. Call the dentist to learn more about broken denture repair in Anderson. It’s much cheaper to repair dentures than replace them, especially if the damage is minor.

However, the tips above are among the simple strategies that can reduce the risk of deter damage and the need for expensive repairs. Put this information to use if you are a denture wearer and save your hard-earned money.