Do We Really Need Health Care Reform?

Do We Really Need Health Care Reform?

Everyone’s talking about the ‘‘Affordable Health Care for America Act’’, H. R. 3962, that passed through the house of representatives yesterday with a very narrow vote of 219-212 according to  I’m not so sure state representatives actually acted in accordance with their constituents wishes to pass this measure. I’m not convinced that our current economic situation can handle this change with it’s magnanimous spending. I’m not convinced this is the right answer.

What I do know, is that America is sick and we need change. I can’t help but wonder, since I work off of logic and a rational ‘connect the dots’ thought pattern, that we’re going about the wrong kind of change here. This is a great country, but a country that always misses the point. We’ve become extremely good at hitting the bullseye of the wrong target and this topic is no exception.

I learned about cause and effect early on in my education and it seems logical to me, that in order to solve a problem you must eliminate the cause.

So what caused health care costs to spiral out of control?

Do We Really Need Health Care Reform?

Diet. Pure and Simple, it’s the Way we Eat.

With growing populations and the demand for cheaper food, big business has stepped in and given us what we demanded. However, this comes at a very high price. Food production has become mechanized to efficiently produce more at lower costs. Which means we are eating more processed, chemically laden, anti-foods then ever before. We now live in a country where High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) reins supreme and we can buy 2-3 (900 calories) cheeseburgers for the price of a pound of broccoli (154 calories).

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IndoBola88 made it a cheaper, easier, more accessible option to eat crap. So people do.

We eat huge quantities of sugar, corn, soy, wheat, chemicals, and we get cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We suffer from strokes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart attacks and in response our insurance gets more expensive.

Insurance has never been the most logical program, directly defying the law of supply and demand,  if you use it it gets more expensive. We all know that’s how insurance works, so why is it so incredibly appalling that insurance has become so expensive that some people can’t afford it? Anyone could have predicted this would happen given the state of the American diet and the positive trend in increased health concerns due to that diet.


So now I’m just confused, why are we subsidizing health care and corn instead of subsidizing exercise programs, fresh produce,  and school lunches?