Shisha Pens and not Clothes are The New Fashion Trend – Know more on Vaping

Shisha Pens and not Clothes are The New Fashion Trend - Know more on Vaping

Shisha pens began off as one of the best ways in which 1billion smokers were offered one of the most viable alternatives to the traditional tobacco products which cause harm to human health. Shisha pens, a type of e-cigarette have the goal of totally eliminating the bad habit of smoking and since then it has become the most popular vape products in the US and in the UK.

How do shisha pens work?

Shisha pens are the actual alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes which are designed specifically for the smokers who are looking forward for a switch. The shisha pens often use nicotine salts which come from the tobacco leaf rather than just using the free-base nicotine. The shisha pens don’t burn anything as they heat up the e-liquid inside them causing plumes of vapor which is not at all harmful as the smoke. You can get the best shisha pens from but before you take further steps to book yours, here are few things to note.

What makes them the latest fashion trends?

What makes them the latest fashion trends?

  • Too many celebrities are endorsing shisha pens

There are too many celebrities who are promoting shisha pens, vape pens and vape mods in their movies and TV series. As most people tend to follow the celebs and the lives they lead, they are also taking on to the fashion of vaping electronic cigarettes and shisha pens. The manufacturers have been seen to manufacture more than 20 million e-cigs and shisha pens with 5% of nicotine in terms of weight.

  • Shisha pens don’t let out smoke
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Almost everyone is now aware of the harm that is caused by tobacco cigarettes and hence they are always watching out for alternatives which are less harmful for their health. Shisha pens heat the e-liquid and this brings out plumes of vapour which contains aerosol or products which are all accredited by the FDA.

  • No ban in public places

One more big reason behind shisha pens becoming famous as a fashion trend is that there is no ban on vaping at public places as it is the case with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, when you carry an electronic cigarette in your pocket, you can take it out and vape it in public buses, trains and roads and again keep it aside for a second or third time.

Therefore, when you’re eager to stay trendy even with your habit of smoking, you should ditch smoking and take on vaping so that you can cause benefits to your health.