The Best Men’s Razor For You

The Best Men’s Razor For You

When I have to write about the best men’s razor for men, I would instantly type ‘The Best men’s Razor In The World’ and the results come up in less than 5 seconds without needing me to try them one by one and go shiny bald. If you’re wondering about the result that I got.

  1. Philips Norelco QC5580/40. Being on the top of the list due to its practicality, one that’s totally a must when you want to do head shaving on your own. It won the listdue to the price and also the unique design.
  2. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart. Unique design and easy to use, move easily due to its design and with the simple and ‘fit in your hand’ design, this shaver would make it easier for you to use and can be controlled perfectly. Perfect for face and head shaving.
  3. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500. Good and easy to use for dual purpose, be it for your head and for your face. Not really comfortable due to the non-rotating shape, might be better if you get a help to use it but still easy to use on your face.
  4. Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc3 Electric Razor. Another all-purpose shaver. Easy ro be cleaned, to be charged, but might be a little bit difficult to use if you want to go all bald.
  5. HeadBlade Sport Razor(purchase it). If unique shape is a must for you then choose this one. Shaped like an ATV, this razor is for head use only.
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Those are the top five razors that might meet your need. But as I’d written in an article before, choosing a razor, either for your face or for your head, is very personal what you need (and what suit you) might not even be on the list.

There are two types of shaver, whether you want an all-purpose, which can be used as a face and head shaver or a trimmer, or you can choose a head only shaver. HeadBladefor example is a head only shaver that has been designed uniquely to guarantee a clean and shiny bald head for you. And if you want to talk about the best shaver, you might need to consider getting an all-purpose shaver. Not everyone wants to trim or shave their own head. But think about it, if you have some obsession with having a bald and shiny head, but your hair growing like a weed, you might think about learning to shave your own head. It will actually shave you the cost of having to go to the barbershop, although it might not be as easy as shaving or trimming your facial hair.

It’s actually need to be considered whether you want to purchase an electronic shaver for your own use or if you’re using it for your business. If you want to use it on your own, especially for head shaving, you might need consider to purchase a shaver that can rotate and more flexible. A shaver with 180 degreesrotation might be what you need to make it easier for you to shave the back of your head, and flexibility is something you need to pay close attention. While an L, traditional shape shaver would be a better use if you want to shave others’. An L shape shaver would allow you to grasp it nicely and easily move it, while it might not be the best shape if you want to do your own shaving. Although might not be a good choice for head shaving, an L shape shaver would still be a good choice for facial trimming or shaving.

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The Best Men’s Razor For You

Choosing Slot88 the best kind blade for you is also important. You can either choose a rotary blade, foil, or clipper for convenience sake and the best result.

A rotary blade, as I have written above would guarantee more convenience when you shave your own head. Equipped with 3 or four rotating blades, this is the perfect kind of shaver for guys with longer, thicker, and faster-growing hair as the blades would cut your hair from different directions. Not only for your head, this kind of shaver also great for your face. Though efficient, anyone with more sensitive skin need to be more careful as the fast-moving and sharp blade might cause irritation easily. And this is only recommended for anyone who wants clean shaving and not for precise shaving, for example if you want to leave a little bit of hair for sideburns or goatee. For this category, a Philips Norelco, is the best choice.

Foil Shavers is the best choice for anyone with sensitive skin as this kind of blade would minimize skin to blade contact. This blade would lift your hair before cutting it so you wouldn’t need to worry that the blade might harm your sensitive skin. Although, foil shaver might not be as flexible as other kinds of shavers so keep it in a straight line when you want to use this kind of shaver. Braun Series is the best choice for this kind of shavers.

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Trimmer/Clippers. Okay, not every guys are aftering a clean, smooth and shiny result. You might want to leave a little bit of hair either when you shave your beard or your head. That’s why you need a clipper if you don’t want to go all bald but still look trim and clean. but again, this is only for those who want to leave a little bit of hair, not go all smooth, because if you’re forcing yourself, you might end up hurting your skin.

As I have mentioned before, though the list above might have given quite a variety of sshavers you can choose, it would still be wise if you choose based on your needs. Because the best on the list doesn’t always mean the best for you.